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Explore nature and tradition

Are you a nature lover but not keen on walking? Or even better enjoy both? Are you looking for a stroll through the olive groves and pine forests on a donkey ride or walk side by side the donkey leaving it carry your personal belongings and even your children? This is the ideal excursion!

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1st Excursion

Duration 2 hours

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2nd Excursion

Duration 3 1/2 hours

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3rd Excursion

Camping Under the Stars

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4th Excursion

Duration 3-7 days

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Grandeur of nature

It is known from ancient times that South Rhodes has rich flora and fauna.

Donkeys are family

We have created a sanctuary for all the abandoned donkeys.

Alternative tourism

Unique ecotourism excursions you can’t find anywhere else.



We equip you with knowledge, gear and gusto for a unique safari experience.

What people say?

Remembering the wonderful day in May we went on the DONKEY CRUISE.
Christos is so kind and caring towards his donkeys. He rescues sick and old donkeys from Lindos. Support the donkeys and have a really memorable fun day!
Christine Patricia Patricia
A wonderful experience in magical surroundings! Definitely recommend, especially when you have children – our girl still keeps talking about donkeys a week later and wants to return to Rhodes only to be able to go ride them again 😉
The animals are exceptionally well kept and friendly and you can see that the owners are really putting their heart into their work.
Liina Lambot-Lepp
During our holidays as always we’ve decided to go for some organized trips. As usual I’ve seen many different leaflets in our hotel with the one that looked slightly different then the other- Donkey Cruise. My young daughter is crazy about the animals ( she is this kind of girl who runs to every dog on the street) nevertheless I was kind of worried that it might be just a farm with donkeys with an attitude of a “factory for tourists” but it appeared to be an incredible place full of love, it’s a family business and it really feels that it’s not just a business focused on money, it’s all about the donkeys there! In the end of the day I was leaving this sweet family with smile on my face and with thought that you can really treat animals with passion in the tourism industry.
Katarzyna Sawicka
We LOVED our experience here!! We did this on the last day of our holiday and what a lovely way to top it off!! The donkeys are so well looked after and it definitely shows as they’re so loving and gentle!! The chapel where we stopped for a picnic was interesting and in a lovely spot to have a little wander and look at the view! The picnic was delicious and we got to try a fruit that is only available for a fortnight throughout the year that I think was native to the island whilst it’s in season which was another nice touch to the trip!! All the staff were so friendly and made the trip that little bit more special too!
Charley Povey

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